Emerald {a mosaic contest} with Stitched in Color




Stitched in Color is hosting a challenge for Fat Quarter Shop.  I’m always a sucker when it gives I get the chance to window shop for fabric!  The challenge is to search for fabrics that create an emerald mosaic.  Original post can be found here.

I chose the fabrics below.  I always think of emeralds as a rich green with a blue undertone.  I do love greens.  If you like a challenge and want a chance to win fabric, check out Stitched in Color.  Thanks Rachel and Fat Quarter Shop for hosting the challenge.



3 thoughts on “Emerald {a mosaic contest} with Stitched in Color

    1. What’s really funny is you have two others on your mosaic that were in my final selections! LOL
      I love finding kindred spirits. I was taking a look at your blog and you have so many great projects. Love the star quilt. Great fabrics. Noticed your diary covers. I’ve been making a few of those as well.
      Thanks for stopping by. Great making new friends.

      1. Thank you Ramona for your visit and sweet comment! I come to read more your beautiful blog! Good Luck with the contest! x Teje

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