Simply Solids Bee – Duck Creek Puzzle

Erin, at Sew at Home Mummy, started a Simply Solids bee for the year.  I’ve signed up for February and have chosen my block.   I typically don’t work with blocks that require templates and this one does.  Hopefully I won’t have everyone up in arms the first month up!


This block is called Duck Creek Puzzle and I found it in BlockBase, a  CD-ROM Version of Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  I will be asking the bee group to stash bust and make this up in 4 colors…preferable 3 colors and a neutral.  I think this could be a fun quilt in a multi color version.

When making the center block, I started the seam connecting the middle square to the triangle where the right angles meet, and stopped the seam about an inch from the end of the square.  I attached each triangle to the center square in this way.  On the last triangle, you can now continue the seam which attaches the triangle ends together.  Work around this section and connect all triangle ends to complete your center block section.

DuckCreekPuzzle CtrBlock


Once that center block is constructed, you will want to pair the outside triangles (C and B) and connect a pair of triangle sets to “A”.

Sew an “A” to each side of the center block.  You should now have three ‘rows’.  (see photo top right below).  Match the seam points and sew to complete blocks.  Finished blocks are approximately 12.5″.  One of my blocks was just under 12.5″ and one was right at 12.5.  But they’re close enough to match for the quilt top.

And here are a couple finished blocks…

DuckCreekPuzzle Collage

And now to submit to Bee Momma and see what my group thinks.

Edited 1/10/13:  Great history, description and photos of this block here.  Can anyone tell me copyright rules on a block like this?  It was originally printed by Nancy Cabot in July 17, 1937.  Am I able to post a pdf of the templates without infringing on copyrights??

(update July 13, 2013…Block diagram and templates are posted on Template page.)

6 thoughts on “Simply Solids Bee – Duck Creek Puzzle

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to figure out if I can post the templates without violating copyright rules…Nancy Cabot originally printed in 1937. So you may see them pop up if you’re interested.
      I cheated on the y-seams and tried to describe in my post, but sounds a bit convoluted. The block is much easier than it looks. Goes together quickly.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. I know a few thought it tough. I almost wish I had gone with something easier for the first month. Yours is beautiful. The points match beautifully and I adore the color scheme. Thanks so much!

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