Sewing Companion



A few months ago, I found a tutorial on Popular Patchwork by Brenda Dean called the Simple Sewing Companion.  As I’m getting ready for QuiltCon, I actually got the incentive to put it together.  It was really easy to put together.  It was a bit smaller than I expected.  The scissors shown here are small embroidery snips and fit perfectly in their slot.  I cut down the business card / needle case I created to fit in one of the slots.  It will easily fit in a pocket of a purse or bag.

Melanie, at the Patchwork Robin, also created this case.  You should check it out.




2 thoughts on “Sewing Companion

  1. Thank you. It was fun and easy to make.
    (I’m wondering about the UK / USA translation… ;-)) Do you mean actually find the festival? Through the Modern Quilt Guild blogs.
    But I’m thinking you mean my impression of the festival itself? It was AWESOME! So much to do and see, I was beat the first night. I feel I missed some key quilts at the show because I was squeezing so much into my days there. It was so worth it.
    So many people from so many places…and everyone was so easy to talk to. I actually met two ladies from Australia…one had moved to California and the other was a friend who had come over for the festival. Too fun!

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