The Latest Projects

I have really neglected my blog lately.  I intended it to be a diary of sorts to record what I was working on and I am so far behind.

Bring Me Flowers BOM by Jen Kingswell
Bring Me Flowers BOM by Jen Kingswell

I finished the first two blocks of the Amitie BOM.  I hand pieced as recommended.  They appear okay, but I’m not very good at it.  My stitches do not appear strong and I do not trust the work.  In the future I will machine stitch what I can.  There are some circles and curves that I know I will need to do by hand, so I guess I better practice.  If you have any tips on good craftsmanship when hand piecing, please share!

This is a baby quilt I finished for the grandchild of a dear friend.  HayesBabyBlanket

Inspired by a Barbara Perino quilt

Simply Solid 2This block is for the Simply Solid Bee.  This was paper pieced and I stayed with the color wheel on this one.  I really liked how it turned out, but can’t imagine making a whole quilt with these.  They’re pretty time consuming.  (Maybe I’m just lazy.  🙂

Molly’s Sketchbook found on Purl Bee blog.
"Molly's Sketchbook" in LSU colors
“Molly’s Sketchbook” in LSU colors

I have another baby quilt almost finished that I may try to post tomorrow.  I used a tutorial by Purl Bee found here and used LSU (Louisiana State University) colors.
I may try to do another marathon post of other things I’ve worked on lately.  I have too many projects!  I’m curious,  how do you keep the project under control?  I need to learn that lesson.

Happy Memorial Day!  and thanks so much to all our servicemen and women and for the sacrifices made to defend and protect our country.  God bless.

Great British Sewing Bee

Shayla, at Raggie Girls, has started a Great British Sewing Bee inspired by the recent show on BBS.  I may have to join her.

I just discovered the show and have really enjoyed it.  The judges and the competitors are wonderful and, I will admit, I love the accents.  From a seamstress point of view, the challenges are interesting.  Some are relatively straightforward and some are just downright challenging.  It’s inspiring to see the many different ideas come out of a single challenge.

I really like the variety of skills the competitors bring.  Some have many of the couture finishing skills in place, and some have unique skills that give them a totally different perspective.  I love that Mark makes historical costumes.  How fun is that?

If you haven’t seen it, you can go to YouTube and watch the episodes.  If you like to sew, you will really enjoy this series.  I hope they keep it going!