Great British Sewing Bee

Shayla, at Raggie Girls, has started a Great British Sewing Bee inspired by the recent show on BBS.  I may have to join her.

I just discovered the show and have really enjoyed it.  The judges and the competitors are wonderful and, I will admit, I love the accents.  From a seamstress point of view, the challenges are interesting.  Some are relatively straightforward and some are just downright challenging.  It’s inspiring to see the many different ideas come out of a single challenge.

I really like the variety of skills the competitors bring.  Some have many of the couture finishing skills in place, and some have unique skills that give them a totally different perspective.  I love that Mark makes historical costumes.  How fun is that?

If you haven’t seen it, you can go to YouTube and watch the episodes.  If you like to sew, you will really enjoy this series.  I hope they keep it going!



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