Star Surround Update


In an effort to lighten my fabric stash, I’ve taken a part in the Star Surround Quilt-Along hosted by Melissa of Happy Quilting.

This week’s task was flying geese…. a LOT of flying geese.  I have sixteen (16) colors and twelve (12) geese per color.  That would be 192 geese, thank you very much!

Done!  8:30 Sunday night, but done all the same.

At this pace, Melissa is going to have us finish this baby in record time.




6 thoughts on “Star Surround Update

  1. I’m doing 16 also. It was a ton of trimming, but like you I’m thrilled to be done! Yours look great. I love their cheeriness. : )

  2. Yes, that is a whole lot of geese. Great job on getting them all whipped up!!! Now you get to see the fruits of your labor start to come together this week. Yippee!!

  3. It’s a gaggle. Very cool. I may jump in late and make one 48″ block. I kinda think it’s cheating, though. I’ve seen all the work that ya’ll have put in, but I really want to participate, I just haven’t had much time. I love the colors you chose. Great geese!!

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