Star Surround Update


In an effort to lighten my fabric stash, I’ve taken a part in the Star Surround Quilt-Along hosted by Melissa of Happy Quilting.

This week’s task was flying geese…. a LOT of flying geese.  I have sixteen (16) colors and twelve (12) geese per color.  That would be 192 geese, thank you very much!

Done!  8:30 Sunday night, but done all the same.

At this pace, Melissa is going to have us finish this baby in record time.





6 thoughts on “Star Surround Update

  1. It’s a gaggle. Very cool. I may jump in late and make one 48″ block. I kinda think it’s cheating, though. I’ve seen all the work that ya’ll have put in, but I really want to participate, I just haven’t had much time. I love the colors you chose. Great geese!!

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