Another Simply Solid Block

Nov.Finished BlockMy month for the Gamboge Simply Solid Bee is November and I’ve already chosen my block.   It is inspired by a quilt by Amy Friend that can be seen here.

Spinning Wheel, by Amy Friend, is a paper pieced pattern that can be found in American Quilter.

I tried to get my hand on a copy, but it seems to be a magazine for members of the American Quilters.  I love how Amy’s version shows both the stars and the alternate square pattern.  (Amy commented below.  This magazine is now in stores.  She found hers at JoAnne’s.  While we don’t have a JoAnne’s, I bet Hobby Lobby, Hancock’s, or Books A Million may carry it.)

I want a scrappy version for my blocks and made up paper pieces and gave them a try.  I’m not trying for the stars effect and may actually have more of a kaleidoscope effect.  PDF can be found here.

When sewing these, notice that the small center square meets the pieced block where the pieced strips come together.  The pattern piece is marked to show placement.

  • NovBlockCollageAttach the small square to one pieced block.  The pattern piece is marked to show placement (see 2nd photo at right).  Sew half way through the small square.  (3rd photo at right shows a purple mark at stopping point.)
  • Iron the seam only at the sewn edge.   (This is the only seam I iron towards the small square.  Not ironing through the whole sewn seam will make it a little easier to join that last seam.)
  • Attach next pieced block by matching the small square to the corner where strips come together as marked on pattern piece.  (see center photo at right.)
  • Iron seams toward pieced block.
  • Repeat for all pieced blocks.
  • The last seam begins where the first seam stopped.  (Next to last photo.)
  • Iron block and trim to 12″.  (Note for Simply Solid Bee ….  I made a couple blocks that were a bit short of the 12″.  If yours is short, don’t worry about it.  Just don’t trim and I will trim all received blocks to the same size.)

And that’s it.  Writing tutorials is not my strong point, so if you have any issues with this block, please let me know!

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “Another Simply Solid Block

  1. Ramona, the Sept. 2013 issue of American Quilter IS available to nonsubscribers. I just picked up a copy at JoAnns this week. It’s just now appearing in stores (it was sent to subscribers last month) but should be available in your local quilt shop.

      1. Do you think you could update your blog entry above to reflect the fact that the magazine is widely available? It’s in stores like Barnes and Noble as well. I’d appreciate it since most readers wouldn’t read through the comments here. Thanks!

  2. Wow, what a compliment to Amy that you love her block enough to emulate it! I, too, fell head-over-heels for this block the first time I saw it.
    American Quilter magazine is indeed on newsstands or may be ordered directly from AQS at 1-800-626-5420. Writing tutorials is our strongpoint so you’ll find a nice explanation of how this block comes together as well as the basics of paper piecing Amy’s specific pattern in the September issue.
    Best wishes for a splendid Bee!

    1. Thanks for the info Michelle. I do love the illusionary effect Amy created in that quilt. She has a got a wonderful eye for design.

      Hope you don’t mind my reference to your mag. If you do, just let me know.


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