Very little sewing unfortunately…

I haven’t sewn as much as I wanted this weekend.  I haven’t sewn as much as I wanted for weeks now!  I’m beginning to go into withdrawal.

Saturday was our modern quilt guild meeting.  Northeast Louisiana (NELA) guild met yesterday and we had a lot of fun.  After the meeting we all stayed and worked on different projects.  One was binding, one was paper piecing, another was working on cathedral window blocks and I was marking pieces from templates in preparation of hand piecing more oriental star blocks.

Marfy 2417_01My muslin for the French jacket sew along has been adapted a bit, but it is still not in final form.  And to top that, I have purchased a couple more patterns!  I’ve actually cut a muslin for Marfy 2417.  I really wanted to see how the Marfy fit compared to the Vogue 8804.  The neckline on this one is different of course from the traditional Chanel style jacket, but I’m thinking I might actually like this dropped collar neckline for my red boucle.

2013 10 Misc Collage

Now if I could only find a lining for that red boucle!  I’ve ordered samples.  And can I say Mood in New York was awesome about matching a sample I sent to them.  I worked with a lady named Lisle who was wonderful.  She was very sweet to work with and sent some fabulous fabric choices.

Most were crepe de chine and I have my heart set on Charmeuse, which is proving a problem.  Do you see the dark fabric at the top right of the photo… it appears black/chocolate brown with watercolor flowers?  It is a silk twill that is just beautiful.  I keep trying to think of something to make from it just to have the excuse to order it.

I’m narrowing the choice down to these three (not the best photo….cropped a bit too much.  The crepe de chine top left is actually a good choice for this fabric.  There is a blue thread running through the selvage that is almost periwinkle.  I would love to use the selvage in the trim and keep trying to pick up that color in the lining.

I got the purple / oyster sample (bottom left) from, and for some reason I keep going back to it.  It is a charmeuse and the price is a bit dear.  Friday they released a 20% discount which makes it easier to bear.  I just haven’t made my mind up!

I’ve actually ordered from Mood a navy boucle and a coordinating charmeuse as backup.  We’re supposed to be cutting fabric this week.  I guess it’s just as well I don’t have my muslin finished since my fabrics aren’t ready.

And this is my recent haul from Marfy.  I wanted the 2010 catalogue for the free patterns shown below.  I love the blue jacket with the simple collar and the tie blouse.

At the same time, I picked up a couple french jacket styles as well as a simple top.

The very worst thing about shopping fabrics for a specific project, is that I get sidetracked and end up buying more fabric!!  Britex had some of their wool on sale and I picked up a couple pieces for slacks that I need.  One is a worsted wool and they both have a wonderful crisp feel.  Their service and delivery was excellent!  The order shipped the same day the order placed.

While in Hancock’s Fabrics in town, I noticed they had some 100% wool pieces…on sale … and picked up a few there as well.  The top piece is lightweight with a brushed flannel feel.  Very soft hand.  The next two are a navy and brown lightweight wool with a crisp hand.

I need to sew these up before they end in my stash gathering dust!!

2013 10 Patterns CollageSo today, I finally got busy cutting muslins with plans to get some of this done.

There was a muslin for the Marfy French jacket I mentioned earlier.

This slacks pattern by Claire Shaeffer.

And a Cynthia Rowley top I’ve had in my file for a while.

My goal is to get those sewn up in the next two days.  Once I have a slacks pattern that works, I plan to sew up a few pair out of this new wool.

This feels like a long post today, and I’m leaving so much out!  I haven’t covered some of the books I’ve bought lately.  I’ll have to throw those in on another post.



9 thoughts on “Very little sewing unfortunately…

  1. Hi! I just read your post on the LFJ Flikr page and clicked over here. And just to put my 2cents in, go with a silk chameuse because yes, I agree with you it feels slippery and won’t be sticky when you put it on regardless of what your wearing. By the way I love the red and black geometric print and think that would be awesome, but it’s probably a crepe right?
    The gorgeous brownish twill would make a stunning blouse to wear under your LF red J!!
    Have fun! Belinda

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this, Belinda. Actually that red and black geometric is probably closer to China silk or habatai. For some reason the geometrics are not calling my name for this red boucle.

      And Yes, in using the selvage, I am trying to work out what I would lay it on. I’m thinking of using a thin cord to make the selvage stand up and lay it on a grosgrain ribbon or other coordinating trim. I would use that as a fringed cord trim instead of a braided trim. It’s just making all the colors come together. Need to decide on that trim!! LOL

      1. Yes I am and have registered as part of the flicker group. I’m using a gold/cream Linton. I posted a sample but have since take not down because I had troubles with Flickr and the IOS update (?) and I’m using the classic Vogue pattern.
        I don’t have a blog so just post some of the things I make on my Flickr page in case anyone is interested.
        I live in Singapore so I need to keep reminding myself to make a summer jacket, so it’s short sleeves and a cropped hem for me. And even then I’ll possibly wear it only when we go to the movies! Anyway, it’s all about the process right?

      2. Absolutely. I’ll have to look for you on flickr. :-D. Singapore weather is comparable to Louisiana today. We tend toward hot and humid. Another reason I want a lining that breathes.

  2. Oh, and I’m not sure if you should count on the periwinkle selvedge trim because you might layer the selvedge with another braid (?) if that makes sense…?

  3. OH! A Marfy pattern 😉 I would like to hear about your experience as I am still not a convert, even thought I have purchased their last catalogue. Good luck with finding your perfect lining: it’s not an easy task with all the beautiful fabrics that you are choosing from!

    1. I’ve ordered some charmeuse to dye! LOL We’ll see how it turns out. Still waiting on my navy boucle and lining from Mood. That will be the one I work with on this SAL.

      I’ve already made a muslin of Marfy 2417 and have a much better fit than I had with the Vogue 8804. Makes me wonder if I should go down a size in the Vogue and alter the bust up. I think I’m spending too much time on the muslin!! 😀 Having fun anyway.

      Have you made a Marfy yet??


      1. I think it’s a good thing to spend a lot of time on muslin! Then the actual sewing goes much faster!

        And no, no Marfy patterns yet. As I said, i am still not quite sure about their style in general. On the other hand, I would like to try a jacket pattern, but I have probably 5 different jacket patterns… Dilemma!

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