Second choice for French jacket…


Little French Sew Along in progress!

The fabric ordered from Mood last week finally arrived.  The lining is actually inexpensive for a silk charmeuse at $14/yard, and it is as beautiful as I had hoped it would be.  The navy boucle is listed as mid-weight, but I would consider it more of a mid-lightweight.   I’m really pleased with the combination.

Marfy 2417_01I’m working on a toile of Marfy 2417 and I am really liking the fit.  It doesn’t have princess seams to the shoulder as recommended for the French jacket, but curves into the armscye.   I want to try one more Marfy with princess seams before making a final decision.

I have read comments by other bloggers talking about the excess ease in Vogue patterns.  Since I’ve grown up sewing with Vogue I really didn’t give it a lot of thought.  Now I’m wondering if I should start with a smaller size in Vogue and fit up.  When younger I never used a size based on measurements but always used a couple sizes smaller.  I’m not ready to give up on Vogue 8804 yet.

So now I’m running a week late on the SAL.  I should have the toile complete and it is definitely still in process, and I should have the fabric thread-traced and cut.   I will have to work on it this weekend and see if I can catch up.  This is a jacket I would love to do well, so I’m not getting in a hurry.

You should check out the blog posts by Inna and Leisa.  They are listed here and are packed with some great information on preparing for this jacket.  These ladies are really doing a first class job on this sew along.

Melanie of PoppyKettle was lucky enough to spend two weeks with Susan Khalje and has quite a few blog posts about the experience.  It has been fun following along.

Sarah of GoodbyeValentino also attended a week with Susan and sewed a French jacket.  You should see it.  It is just beautiful.

I also found RedPointTailor through this sew along and have really enjoyed her blog.  So many talented people out there.

Bad thing is I have totally caught the sewing bug (for clothes) and have spent WAY TOO MUCH moolah!  The American Express card has gotten grounded and sent to a corner.

Is is fun to be excited about what you do, though.  😀

So what about you?  What are you working on and excited about?  I’d love to know.


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12 thoughts on “Second choice for French jacket…

  1. Beautiful! You are not the only one running late on the project. I’m waiting for my silk thread, ordered from Inna, and some silk organza from Dharma. Might take a while for these parcels to arrive in my Dutch sewing room. But you’re right, no cutting any corners on this project!

    1. Hi Marianne! I recently started following your blog. Might have been the Anna dress that drew me…I can’t remember. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Having to order supplies is the pits! I would love to be able to go in and browse in a few of those NY shops I see mentioned. I’m going to add your blog to this post as a LBJ blogger if that’s alright with you.

      1. Yes, I’ve just ordered from Inna AGAIN. 🙂

        I’ve also ordered silk charmeuse from Dharma Trading to dye and played with it this weekend. Very pleased with the way they have turned out. Gorgeous colors. That will be for a future post.

  2. Know what? Even if you think you spend too much money on sewing, tell yourself that you also spend lots of time on your garments and so you don’t have enough time to spend or waste your money otherwise! If my philosophy works for you, keep on sewing and buying beautiful fabrics! Also, you will notice that when you work with more expensive fabric the quality of your garments improve and so does durability. At the end, it’s a win-win situation!

    1. I totally agree with you and have decided that the two of us together could be a very bad influence! LOL

      But honestly, when I have an item that wears and fits well, I wear it for YEARS. So I will definitely get my money’s worth … as long as it actually gets made!

    1. I do love buying quality fabrics. I’m hoping with the high content wool that I will be able to steam shrink to shape in the place of darts. About to play with that some more. (First try was disappointing.)

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