Latest on the Little French Jacket

My grandsons have been keeping me busy this week and I haven’t been able to work on my LFJ muslin.  I’ve been trying to shop for trim and play with design instead.  There is no really good resource for trim here and I really hate to order online since trim can look so different once it is in.  This is what I have come up with so far locally.

LBJ Navy Trim Collage

The first is a light brown gimp that’s laid on a gray rickrack ribbon.  The choices on the right are two identical trim, one in silver and one in a silver/gold mix.  Of the two I’m leaning toward the silver and gold.  It appears very gold in this photo, but I think in person the mix comes thru better and picks up the two tone on the buttons.  The silver is a little bright on that navy…not bad, but it would have to be a deliberate choice.

And I’m still trying to find a good fitting muslin.  I’m cutting out the Vogue 7975, which so many are using, and another Marfy 2252.  I’m paying more attention to bust, shoulder and chest measurements and comparing to pattern pieces.

The Marfy 2252 came with the 2010 catalogue and has princess seems like the French jacket.  It does appear to be built for shoulder pads, so I will be taking that into account and altering that out.


Fitting Pattern CollageOn the left is the Marfy front.  You may be able to see my alterations.  I’ve redrawn the bust to add approximately 3/4″ and vertically sliced the pattern to the right of the grain line and added about 3/4″ there as well.

On the right is the Vogue 7975.  The bust measurements are okay which means the shoulders are going to be too large.  You can see that I have moved that shoulder line in to allow that seam to create a dart.  The double lines you are seeing are the seam line which I have marked and the patterns cut lines.  While I learned to sew using the cut line and sewed that way for decades, I have really grown to enjoy   working from the seam line instead.  I have found I have much better results with seams coming together.

I’ve taken the day off today and Monday and will be working again on those muslins.  I’m really ready to start working with the fabric.

More to come.

(Hashtag for this sew along is #LittleFrenchJacketSewAlong)

7 thoughts on “Latest on the Little French Jacket

  1. You’re making great progress in the midst of everything else you do! I like your fabric and trim options. I was going to use the fibers from my fashion fabric and braid those with gold, but they will get lost. I think I’ll just end up with gold braid. I may choose the buttons first. You’re ahead of my with alterations, too, as mine LFJ went from being mine to my mom’s.

    1. Fitting is just the worst! I got a couple things out of the way and started back on my muslins. It’s midnight and I have been working on them since almost noon. After trying the Marfy 2252 and the Vogue 7975, I’m going with the Vogue….I guess there is a reason it seems to be a favorite. 😀

      I saw a combination in Claire Shaeffer’s book where she used a ribbon under a self fabric trim. It allowed the trim to show without making the base ribbon obvious. Might be worth a try.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Inna Think I’ve finally settled on a muslin that worked. The Vogue 7975 that seems to be a favorite! Should have just gone with the flow to begin with. 😀

  2. I think finding trim is the hardest part. Have you checked out home decor departments? That is where I found trim for my Chanel jacket. You’re off to a great start! I really like the blue fabric you’ve selected… very nice shade.

    1. Yes, that’s where I found the silver and silver/gold trim. I read somewhere to beware upholstery trim because it often has different characteristics, but I think the content and weight on these are okay.

      I was actually looking for a ribbon-like yarn to crochet into trim much like your post on 10/13. No luck. Really liked the look of yours.

      Thanks for stopping by. 😀

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