Lagniappe, courtesy of Marfy

MarfyFreePatternsHere in Louisiana, Lagniappe is that little something extra.  That’s exactly what I found in my email inbox yesterday!

Marfy is offering three free pdf patterns to their newsletter subscribers.   What a fantastic way to try their patterns.

Being in the United States, shipping costs can be a bit dear when ordering.  If that has stopped you from ordering a Marfy pattern in the past, this is a great opportunity.

Marfy patterns are cut without seam allowance.  Although I learned to sew using the seam allowance as most US patterns are drafted, I recently moved towards marking the seam instead and have found it really works well.  It is becoming my favorite way of marking fabric to sew.  I love that I can leave extra fabric in the seam allowance in those problem areas.  If an adjustment is needed, I know I have that extra fabric there to play with.

Also, another note on shipping costs.  I recently ordered a catalog and three patterns from Marfy.  The shipping cost on the catalog is just as expensive as the catalog itself.  By combining the catalog and patterns, you can save on the shipping cost of the patterns.  And the catalog always includes free patterns which is pretty awesome.

So jump over to Marfy and sign up for the newsletter.  You can then take advantage of these great patterns and fall in love with Marfy yourself.

Just curious … which is your favorite pattern maker?  and why?  I have always been a Vogue girl myself, but I am falling pretty hard for Marfy.

22 thoughts on “Lagniappe, courtesy of Marfy

      1. Definitely 🙂 I love Marfy’s designs – they are very fiminine. These 3 patterns are wonderful – this is a quality – they don’t just put any simple pattern but 3 great ones!
        Really worth to share!

  1. Thanks for the tip. I love the high-style of Marfy, but have never used them, due to ordering and such…. never wanted to bother, but they are making it easy.

    1. They are definitely worth trying. I am busty and hard to fit and worried they would be too small for me. I do have to make some adjustments, but overall the Marfy patterns I’ve tried so far have a trim fit. I’ve really been pleased. They don’t come with sewing instructions; but if you sew, it’s usually intuitive anyway.

      If you give them a try and blog about it, let me know. I’d love to know what you think of them.

  2. I’ve always liked Vogue too and have not tried Marfy. I was apprehensive about trying a pattern with out instructions, but the risk is much less when the patterns are free. Thanks for posting this.

    1. I think we depend on the instructions more than we need to once we have some sewing time under our belt. The first time I tried one of these patterns without instructions, I surprised myself. Much easier than expected. I’ll have to watch your blog to see what you think of Marfy. Have fun!

  3. I just found your blog and signed-up for the Marfy newsletter. These are patterns that I have wanted to try, but never have gotten around to doing. Looks like that is about to change! Thanks for the tip!

      1. Good question! I should have thought of that one.

        At top right of the Marfy page, click on “My Account” and sign in. Once you’re signed in, you can click the “Free Patterns” link at the bottom left. It should lead you to the patterns. I wasn’t sure if I could download only one or all three, but I was able to download all three patterns.

        Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

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