I want a granddaughter …

Seriously, sewing for girls is so much fun.  Take a look at the styles from Burda…

Burda Herringbone Shorts

And my all time favorite …

Makes me want to sew a few of these up ‘just ’cause’.

(I was asked if these were in the Burda Magazine and I honestly can’t tell you.  I’m in the US and Burda isn’t as readily available here.  I subscribe to BurdaStyle blog and see some great styles that way.  You should check it out. )


7 thoughts on “I want a granddaughter …

      1. It really does! I have one nephew, and I have to admit that boy clothes aren’t quite as fun. 🙂

        The patternmaking book is very cool– it’s so fun to manipulate patterns yourself! 🙂

    1. Yes, I saw that. Sadly, I wasn’t impressed by the sample styles shown. Have you seen it yet? Are the rest of the patterns better?? I’m going to watch for it in the future.

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