McCall’s Fall Into Fashion Challenge

You could say I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately, but honestly, I’ve just been too busy DOING!  Quilting projects, projects for the grandsons, projects for the husband.  Perhaps I’ll blog those one day.  For now, I wanted to share something fun.

McCall’s Pattern Company recently issued a challenge to create what I consider to be a Fall sewing plan.  Because I SO need a plan, I found myself neck deep in no time at all.  You can read the details of the challenge here.  I’ve created my Pinterest board and started some idea boards on Photoshop that I’ve pinned as well.  One thing that is confusing me is the requirement not to “show trademarked images and other brand logos”.  I’ve removed some Pendleton vintage plaid jackets I’ve had posted.  Hopefully everything else is safe.  Since posting inspirations are encouraged, there are some garments by brand names.  Hopefully that’s safe.

I’ll show you a few of my favorites….

Don’t you love this version with the pencil skirt??  Or maybe it’s just me?

Love the taupe/khaki pencil skirt and green plaid!

And this vintage pattern I purchased recently.  Great jacket and skirt!

I’ve promised (and promised!) myself to adapt a blouse that REALLY fits.  It’s past time that happens.  And I want a shirt dress as well.  No reason those can’t happen together.  Love the vintage Vogue pattern below and think the McCall 6696  below will work nicely.  I’m seriously thinking of moving those darts to mock the vintage pattern.  I’m looking at some lovely Italian cotton for both the blouses and the dress.

Shown below are fabrics from Mood and Emma One Sock.  That floral is seriously Gorgeous online!




In my search, I’ve stumbled across Farmhouse Fabrics in South Carolina.  They seem to have one of the widest ranges of Italian cotton that I’ve seen.  Yes, I did break down and make a purchase(s)!  I’ll let you know what the fabric actually looks like when I get it.  :-))

Here’s a shot of one piece that I purchased.  They have some nice bundles at great prices.  I bought a 3 yd bundle of a fine check (not shown) for $18.  Fantastic price per yard.

60′ Superfine Italian Cotton Shirting

Of course, I’ve chosen current patterns as well.  Some T-shirts are on the list.  That floral fabric pattern may be too large, but I just love it!  Fabrics shown are from Marcy Tilton.

Shopping for projects is so much easier than actually getting a project done.  I recently took a week off and barely made a dent in my sewing list.  It was very disheartening.  I need a better plan for sewing during the week (around a full time job!)

Do you have any suggestions??  I hope you’re being more productive than I am.  Have fun!




9 thoughts on “McCall’s Fall Into Fashion Challenge

  1. I love your sewing plans! The vintage patterns are great, I am still scared to sew up any of my vintage patterns. Looking forward to seeing your makes and good luck with the comp😃

    1. I know what you mean. I just received two OLD vintage patterns in the mail. (Note to self: STOP BUYING PATTERNS!). They look like they were done before seam allowance were added so the pieces are already cut out. They are a lot like Marfy, but with no information printed on them! I’m scared to even trace them off. Crazy.

  2. You are really in quilting – and you are making stunning thngs! Please, please share!
    I love this Pendleton vintage plaid jackets with a pencil skirt – it i so me… I don’t think I join the challenge … too busy with my projects (and work). I am lookin gforward to see your project!
    BTW – I fully agree shopping for project(s) is much more easier then getting them done! Recently I had sewing time issues as well … I hope someone will share good tip!

    1. Thank you, Beata. I really dont blog enough right now and need to get back in practice. That chalkenge was thd best because i dintnt have to actually FINISH anything. LOL! It was fun planning though. That pendleton is on my list, I found a vintage pattern and already have plaid wool for it. :-))

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