If you have any questions or comments, you may email me at rpsandbag@gmail.com.



7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Do you do all your sewing by hand or do you use machine mostly? Reason I ask is I wanted to know if there is a sewing machine which can copy a design say from a photo I mean like scan the image & sewing machine will do it. Please let me know is you understand what I am getting at thanks

    1. My hand stitching consists of thread tracing, basting and tricky places the machine won’t get to.

      If you talking about the quilting, I do what’s called free motion quilting. I move the quilt as the machine sews to make the design. Long arm quilting machines have the capability of attaching to software that allows a computerized quilting design. On those, the machine moves and the quilt is stationary.

      I know there are sewing machines with embroidery capabilities that use software, but I don’t use those at all, so I couldn’t offer anything helpful there.

      Good luck with this,

  2. Thank you for replying to my comment. I seem to have lot of time on my hands due to suffering chronic pain. I been thinking of doing T- shirts with embroidery of my designs. But suffer from arthritis in my hand so needle work is out for me. I have found a machine that can do what is called Photo-Stitch you basically scan your photo & the machine will either stitch or embroider the photo onto your garment. Any way thank you again & Looking at you needle craft these machine don’t even come close to the wonderful work you seem to produce. But will be good enough for T-shirts on market stall. Thanks

  3. Good afternoon – I have just read in Popular Patchwork Bag Special Issue, regarding your Pocket Purse Bag. Is it possible to purchase a pattern please? Regards LIZ

    1. Hi Liz,

      I’m not sure which bag you are referring. I looked online for the magazine, but if I found the right one, I don’t’ recognize a bag.

      Can you give me more information?

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