Finishing the Drunken Path


Following the post yesterday, I finished putting these blocks together as shown here.  It reminded me of a couple things.

      • Cutting the blocks requires all blocks to be cut same size with the curve endpoints at the same distance from the edge of block.
      • There is a lot of bias edge to these curves and it’s hard to control how much overhang you have on the end of the arc seam.  Be sure not to stretch those bias edges when sewing seams.

Finding center point of the curves and sewing from center works better than estimating overhang and sewing from the end.  This way you salvage more or your finished block.

DrunkPathSquareBlockTo trim your blocks, lay all blocks on top of each other matching the end points of the arc seams (marked by red circles in photo at right).

To square my blocks:

  • I mark a line from end point to end point.
  • Using my 14″ square ruler, I lay the ruler with the 45 degree line over that drawn line.
  • Mark guide marks for your square to use with a long ruler when trimming block.
  • When finding your cutting lines, remember the arc seam end points should be the same distance from the outside edges and the block should be square.
  • The finished size of the square isn’t as important as all squares being same size.

For this quilt I plan to add some borders of small blocks much like you see in medallion quilts.  Next border will probably be small half square triangles.  I may let this one progress as it wants to.