Simply Solid Bee

I’ve been participating in the Simply Solids Bee and having a blast.

This month has been an interesting block for Amanda of Fabric Engineer.

August Puce Sample Simply SolidMy first tries were a little off.  I didn’t remember all the directions…as in the color strips were to be 1.5″ wide, so the strips were all over the place for the first block.  The second block was much better and I was so proud…then I measured… .5″ too short.  I took the trim from my first block and used it as a center strip and pieced the two together.  I like it!  This is my keeper I will use in my sample quilt when we finish this year’s blocks.  I’ve got blocks from most of the months we’ve done so far and I’m eager to see how they come together.

August Puce Blocks Simply SolidSo after all that practicing, I got started on Amanda’s blocks and this is what I came up with.  Amanda, I hope you like it.  It was a fun block.



Simply Solid.Puce.JulyPuce July 2Simply SolidThis is July’s block.  I did a scrappy version and a simpler version.  The Queen Bee of the month chose the scrappy version.

Puce July Simply SolidI loved it so much I made another for my Simply Solid sample quilt.

I may still like the original best.  Fun colors.