and The Iconic Tweed Jacket

In my recent post, I shared that was running an awesome sale on their classes.  If you read it, you know I had quite a few classes in my cart and was trying to decide if I should cut it down a bit.  However, it was too hard to choose, so I didn’t cut any classes from my cart.  Shocker, I know.

This weekend, I watched The Iconic Tweed Jacket with Lorna Knight.  There seems to be so much going on with this style jacket right now.  I’m participating (and way behind!) in the French Jacket SAL hosted by Inna at The Wallinna and Leisa of A Challenging Sew.  I also recently picked up Claire Shaeffer’s book Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan.  So when this class came out, I was VERY tempted.  At the same time I wondered how much of the information would be a repeat of what I already have available.  In the end, I took the chance and added this one to my Craftsy cart during their fabulous sale.

While some of the material does repeat, a lot of it is still fresh.  Lorna approaches this jacket a little differently in places.  I found myself mentally comparing the different techniques and choosing which I thought would be my favorite method.  To begin, she constructs her jacket using the seam allowance and not by marking the seams as I’ve been shown previously.  I love her method of stabilizing the front center, neck and sleeve hem.

Most of all, I enjoyed her teaching style.  (Of course I’m a sucker for the accent…I thought it might be Irish, but she appears to be British??)  She is very methodical and seems to anticipate the questions you are thinking in your head.  The pace was wonderful, neither too slow or too fast.  Lorna offers great tips along with her reasoning for the methods she chooses.  I will definitely be referring back to this class.

If we’re lucky, Craftsy will have plans to bring Lorna back for other classes!

Another review you might find interesting is Red Point Tailor’s:  The French Jacket courses review – part 1

I also watched most of Angela Wolfe’s, Sewing Designer Jeans, and I finally finished Sandra Betzina’s Pants Fitting class, but those reviews are for another day.

And by the way, did you see A Challenging Sew’s post yesterday?  Leisa is planning a sew along (SAL) beginning in January using the free patterns Marfy has made available.  For all you newbies to Marfy, and to current fans, this should be a fun SAL.  (See previous post for more info on these patterns.)

That’s it for now.  Happy Holidays!

Second choice for French jacket…


Little French Sew Along in progress!

The fabric ordered from Mood last week finally arrived.  The lining is actually inexpensive for a silk charmeuse at $14/yard, and it is as beautiful as I had hoped it would be.  The navy boucle is listed as mid-weight, but I would consider it more of a mid-lightweight.   I’m really pleased with the combination.

Marfy 2417_01I’m working on a toile of Marfy 2417 and I am really liking the fit.  It doesn’t have princess seams to the shoulder as recommended for the French jacket, but curves into the armscye.   I want to try one more Marfy with princess seams before making a final decision.

I have read comments by other bloggers talking about the excess ease in Vogue patterns.  Since I’ve grown up sewing with Vogue I really didn’t give it a lot of thought.  Now I’m wondering if I should start with a smaller size in Vogue and fit up.  When younger I never used a size based on measurements but always used a couple sizes smaller.  I’m not ready to give up on Vogue 8804 yet.

So now I’m running a week late on the SAL.  I should have the toile complete and it is definitely still in process, and I should have the fabric thread-traced and cut.   I will have to work on it this weekend and see if I can catch up.  This is a jacket I would love to do well, so I’m not getting in a hurry.

You should check out the blog posts by Inna and Leisa.  They are listed here and are packed with some great information on preparing for this jacket.  These ladies are really doing a first class job on this sew along.

Melanie of PoppyKettle was lucky enough to spend two weeks with Susan Khalje and has quite a few blog posts about the experience.  It has been fun following along.

Sarah of GoodbyeValentino also attended a week with Susan and sewed a French jacket.  You should see it.  It is just beautiful.

I also found RedPointTailor through this sew along and have really enjoyed her blog.  So many talented people out there.

Bad thing is I have totally caught the sewing bug (for clothes) and have spent WAY TOO MUCH moolah!  The American Express card has gotten grounded and sent to a corner.

Is is fun to be excited about what you do, though.  😀

So what about you?  What are you working on and excited about?  I’d love to know.


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