Vogue 8498 In Progress…

We got a little ice in north Louisiana yesterday and I claimed a snow day.  (I felt like a total fraud, by the way.  Most of my coworkers showed up for work.  I just wasn’t in the mood to drive on the ice…or maybe I was just in the mood for a day off to sew.  Yep, that’s most likely.)


I did make progress on my Vogue 8498 pants.  A couple weeks ago, I worked on the muslin and sorta finalized the fit.  Want to share my frustration??  I measured the pattern hip and waist.  Waist was exactly on in back and too narrow in front.  So  what does any sane person do?  Add ease in the back and increase the front plus ease.  Result… Too Big!

Removed all the ease in the muslin which took me back pretty much to the original size!  Craziness.

So yesterday, when getting started on these, I chose a nice wool purchased at Hancock Fabrics at a clearance sale.  Saving some nicer wool for when I’m certain of the fit.  This is a lightweight, brushed wool.  It almost has a flannel feel to it.  I really like this and hope it wears as well as I believe it should.

At this point, I’m following Claire Shaeffer’s suggestion and putting the zipper in by hand.  This will be a first for me.  Looking forward to it.

Others are working on pants as well in The Monthly Stitch.  If you love sewing, you should check out their blog.  They have interesting and fun challenges, and it’s inspiring to see what others are working on.I’m enjoying sewing garments again, but I’m would really like to get some time in quilting.  Quilting has a quicker reward time to me and I’m needing that right now.

Hope you are warm and dry where you are.  And hope you get some thread time!  😉