‘Business’ Cards for QuiltCon

I wanted a few cards with my blog and guild information for QuiltCon.  Of course, I’ve waited till the last minute to get them put together, but I’ve finally got a plan.

The cards are tent style with my blog info on one side and the Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild info on the other.

I created the graphics using PhotoShop and laid the cards out in Word to print on card stock.

And inside is felt to hold needles.  I love things that are actually useful.

I plan to use these during meet and greets for the modern quilt guilds and PileOFabric’s Skill Builder group.

QuiltCon’s getting close!  What are you doing to get ready?

QuiltCon, Hear I come!

Profile Photo Blue 1
Unfortunately, this photo is about four years old. I hate taking photos!

The Modern Quilt Guild is having a QuiltCon linky party for those of us lucky enough to be going.   I will be driving to Austin with a guild buddy, Marty, of Marty’s Fiber Musings.  We both are members of the Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild, otherwise known as NELA MQG, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her.

This linky party is a fun idea.  There are so many blogging friends I would love to meet.  It will be great to put a face to a name.

Now for five things you don’t know about me …. hmmm.

1)  I can count the number of “Best Friends” I’ve had since high school on one hand … and they have ALL moved out of state!

2)  I have sewn most of my life and I can’t really remember actually learning. Mom sewed, knitted, embroidered, painted and everything else I can think of at one time or another and I picked up a lot from just watching her and being around her.  She quilted in her later years and I never picked it up.  It was only a couple years ago that I started following some of the ‘modern’ quilt blogs and found a new obsession.

3)  I hate parties and purely social situations.  Tell me I have to speak to a room full of people or have a business function and I’m fine.  But tell me I have a get together that’s purely social and I start thinking of excuses.  Its a little crazy.

4)  I finished a business degree at 50!  Sometimes I feel it was a waste of time, but I’m still glad I got it done.  I love that my three girls have gotten or are getting their degrees while they’re young.

5)  I recently read a post by a self proclaimed autodidact and I had to look the word up.  It is someone who educates through self study.  Leonard da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway are two people listed as autodidacts.  Not that I’m a da Vinci or a Hemingway, but I loved the word because I relate.  I’m always getting immersed in new hobbies and/or  researching a new interest.  Online learning (Lynda.com is AWESOME!), magazines, books, blogs and so many learning opportunities.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you to death!  I’m looking forward to QuiltCon and to the workshops I’ve signed up for….so fun!!  Hope to see you there!