The Gammill Charm

I was out and about a couple weeks ago and checking email on my phone (like most of us do at some point), and saw this in an email:

“Guess what? You won! You entered the Gammill Charm contest on and your name was chosen among thousands of entrants to receive this amazing machine. ….”

I read it and stopped… and then thought, “Yeah, right!”   The next morning when I was back at a computer, I pulled it up again to take a closer look at it.  Email addresses showed John Anderson of The Quilt Show and included Betsey of Gammill.  It looked legit, but I still couldn’t really believe it.

I emailed with Betsey giving her my info.  Honestly, it wasn’t until a regional Gammill dealer called me to congratulate me and discuss delivery that I truly believed I had actually won a Gammill Charm!  You know when you enter these things that someone has to win, but you never expect to be THE one out of how many thousands of entries.  Mark, at the Stitch n Frame in Vicksburg, MS, was so nice and I know I will enjoy working with him as he arranges delivery and sets up my machine….Yes, he actually makes the trip and sets the machine up!  How awesome is that?  I loved the fact that it was the Stitch n Frame that is providing the machine.  They are an hour and a half from me and I love stopping in their shop when driving through Vicksburg, and their online shopping is great.  Their fabric selection and service are just wonderful.

The Charm by Gammill

Okay, back to the Charm… here she is!  This beauty has a 18″ x 8″ throat…can you imagine the room in this thing?!  The table has a 12″ leaf in the back and another leaf on the left side to increase the table space when quilting big quilts.

I’m a little blown away!

And I have to find a place for her!!

Merry Christmas to me!  :-))  I am so excited.  Thanks so much to The Quilt Show and to Gammill for hosting this giveaway!

Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points, but truly, this is an Exclamation Point type of post.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a safe and blessed holiday,


String Fever and Scrap Busting

I have been in serious scrap and stash busting mode.  When I saw that Rachel at Stitched in Color started a Scrap Attack {String Fever}, I jumped right in.  Good excuse to hit my bucket of strip scraps.  I wanted something easy that I didn’t have to think too much about.  Using Excel, I laid out a 12″ block as below.


Then moved that block to Illustrator to mock up a quilt.


In this diagram, I am assuming 6″ width strips.  The layout shows how many 1″ strips I can layout before beginning to shorten the strips.  If I’m working with 1 – 1.5″ strips, I can cut 7″ strips (if I started over, I would start with 8″ strips to allow more room) and have a width for a 12″+ block.  If the strips are 2″ or more then they also need to be longer to allow for the 45° angle.  As the strip sets are sewn together, each strip will be offset approximately the width of the strip.  A 1.5″ strip would be offset from the edge of the previous strip by the same amount.  To be honest, the safest way for me to sew these and have good cuts is to use my binder ruler and mark the 45° degree as I sew the strips together.

Binding ruler with 45 degree angle.

The diagram shows a herringbone type join.  I’m actually sewing those in a straight 45° angle.  You can see my first finished block here.  Notice how narrow the two center strips appear.  I would have done better to start with longer basic strips so I could have worked toward a 6″ wide sewn strip, but I still like it.  I’m using different width strips and it’s going to be totally scrappy.






This will make a dent in my scrap box, but I’ve got a ways to go.  Do you have any suggestions for quick, scrappy quilts?  I need ideas!

Happy quilting!


Skill Builder Block of the Month


Block of the Month 2013

Alyssa, at, is starting a block of the month for 2013 that is designed to build and review a multitude of quilting skills.  You should check out her blog post that gives all the details.

I have been involved in a few things hosted by Alyssa and can say that she is not only talented but awesomely organized.  I know you will enjoy following her .. and hopefully quilting along .. on this journey.

Happy Quilting!