Trying to reorganize my sewing room ….

So today I’ve been trying to reorganize my sewing room.  Let me tell you, that’s a job!  I wish I had thought to photo the room before I started.  Based on the chaos that still exists, you can probably imagine how bad it was.  Here are a couple of photos as it is now after working all day.



Juki DDL 8700H

The reason for rearranging the sewing room is the impending arrival of my new baby.  I just purchased a Juki DDL 8700H to work with vinyl and heavier fabrics.  I’ve been recovering exercise equipment for a local gym and it’s putting a strain on my small Bernina.   Since we don’t have a local Juki dealer, I shopped online and found  They were one of the few shops that actually answered their phone and spoke with confidence and knowledge about the machines.  They dealt with multiple emails and phone calls with courtesy and patience.  Great customer service


I’ve cleared a space on one wall for the table and setup.  I am wall to wall in this room!  It would be great if I learned to actually throw things away once in a while.  I also need to learn to stop buying fabric!!

My Bernina 820 is sitting on a folding table and I’m really thinking I need to upgrade the setup.  I wish I lived near an Ikea, but I may have to make my own.  We’ll see …

I hope you do a better job of organizing than I do.  If you have any great tips, please let me know.