New Year’s Resolution …. fail

This is why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions ….

In my attempt to make the resolutions attainable, I went for two this year:

  1. Spending Freeze – No new fabric.  I have to sew from my stash and can only buy if I absolutely cannot finish a project from the stash.  I’m in the process of taking inventory so that I can monitor my progress.
  2. No UFO’s.  I read a blog (and can’t remember which one now!) where a sewist doesn’t begin a project until she finishes the current project.  I know I will not get THAT good, but I would like to keep it down to two or three at a time.  The numbers are a little intimidating right now.  I’m in the process of listing my WIP’s so that I can start marking them off.


As I said, THIS is why I don’t make resolutions:

DSC_0200_1201This was only week two!  I had made a trip to Stitch n Frame in Vicksburg, MS, to take a look at the Gammill Charm I won (yeah, I’m still bragging about it!).  The sale rack was calling my name.  I am SO ashamed of my lack of control.

DSC_0199_1200I also bought other supplies, but the wasn’t on my spending freeze list.  Honestly!  Fabric Only.  (What’s the emoticon for guilt and shame?)


So now I’m hitting ‘RESET’ and starting over.  Determination!  Conviction!  No More Fabric!  (Am I the only one crying here?)

Resolution Two is still intact, but only by the barest thread.  I am on a wholecloth quilt craze right now.  I just broke down and bought Cindy Needham‘s Wholecloth Quilts workbook, and wow, what a lot of information!  That same week Craftsy announced a new class by Cindy on Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts.  Just feeding my obsession!

WholeclothQuiltScottishThistleI already have a design I am working on and constantly editing.  I’ve already changed the corner motifs.  And I need to learn how to operate better in Adobe Illustrator.  I’m using graphics instead of line drawings and the overlay is cutting off the design in places.  Not a real problem because I only need 1/4 of the final design to trace onto the fabric.

If you’re wondering, I take the final PDF to a copy shop and have them run it on 36″ wide paper they have on rolls.  I’m creating one full size in 36″ square.  If I like it and want to go larger, I will have them print 1/2 of the design on 36″ wide, so that the final quilt will be closer to 70″.  But that’s being ambitious.  Patience, Patience, Patience.

BUT!  I can’t start the wholecloth quilt until I finish a couple other items on my list.  (I know I can’t wait till I have all my WIP’s done, so really, why be unrealistic?!)

In the meantime, I have been good on one front.  I’ve been working all week on my Little French Jacket and have made good headway.   Will be posting photos soon.

I hope your resolutions are going stronger than mine and that we all remember we can always re-commit when we stumble (or take a full out nose dive!).

Of course if anyone else is as bad as I am about resolutions, I would love to hear it.  Misery loves company, or so I’ve been told.  ;-D


The Gammill Charm

I was out and about a couple weeks ago and checking email on my phone (like most of us do at some point), and saw this in an email:

“Guess what? You won! You entered the Gammill Charm contest on and your name was chosen among thousands of entrants to receive this amazing machine. ….”

I read it and stopped… and then thought, “Yeah, right!”   The next morning when I was back at a computer, I pulled it up again to take a closer look at it.  Email addresses showed John Anderson of The Quilt Show and included Betsey of Gammill.  It looked legit, but I still couldn’t really believe it.

I emailed with Betsey giving her my info.  Honestly, it wasn’t until a regional Gammill dealer called me to congratulate me and discuss delivery that I truly believed I had actually won a Gammill Charm!  You know when you enter these things that someone has to win, but you never expect to be THE one out of how many thousands of entries.  Mark, at the Stitch n Frame in Vicksburg, MS, was so nice and I know I will enjoy working with him as he arranges delivery and sets up my machine….Yes, he actually makes the trip and sets the machine up!  How awesome is that?  I loved the fact that it was the Stitch n Frame that is providing the machine.  They are an hour and a half from me and I love stopping in their shop when driving through Vicksburg, and their online shopping is great.  Their fabric selection and service are just wonderful.

The Charm by Gammill

Okay, back to the Charm… here she is!  This beauty has a 18″ x 8″ throat…can you imagine the room in this thing?!  The table has a 12″ leaf in the back and another leaf on the left side to increase the table space when quilting big quilts.

I’m a little blown away!

And I have to find a place for her!!

Merry Christmas to me!  :-))  I am so excited.  Thanks so much to The Quilt Show and to Gammill for hosting this giveaway!

Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points, but truly, this is an Exclamation Point type of post.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a safe and blessed holiday,