On my to-do list …

thanksgiving-mums-graphicsfairy003bIt’s approaching Thanksgiving with all the cleaning and cooking prior to all the family chaos and great food.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love that fall and cooler weather has come (hopefully…  in Louisiana it’s always dicey).   I love holidays that let family come together without the pressure of presents.  It’s one of those mandatory holidays where everyone shows up unless they are working.  Prep can be stressful though.  I’ve already been to the grocery once and I’m going back again today.  The menu is taking shape.  I know I will be cooking all day tomorrow.

Pecan pies are a must!  I may have to share my version of the recipe.  I’ll try to do that tomorrow.   As much as I love pecan pie, I prefer a filling closer to custard than syrup and so I cut the sugars way back.  It’s yummy, if I say so myself.  Then there are the sweet potato pies…my hubby’s favorite.  My mother’s dressing, turkey, and maybe some duck gumbo if hubby shoots straight today.  And Cranberry Sauce!  So very yummy!

And in the back of my mind are all the things on my to-do list:

  • I really, REALLY wanted to do a few quilts for Christmas, particularly for my son-in-law.  There’s a chance I may make it if I will get serious about it.
  • There’s the Little French Jacket in progress.  At the risk of TMI, I’m working to get approval from my insurance for a breast reduction.  Not sure it’s going to get approved, but if it does, I will definitely need to recut the front of that jacket.  So I’ve stopped working on it until I hear back.
  • For my youngest, there is denim cut for NamedClothing’s Jamie Jean pattern.
  • A pair of Anna Maria Horner’s Knick Knack Knickers for my youngest grandson.
  • An Airplane Bag that is in the middle of construction.  (And going to look awesome, I think.  Very excited about it.)
  • Not to mention the PJ bottoms I want for myself or the ‘smaller’ things I wanted to make for Christmas for my girls.

Hmmm.  That list looks so much more intimidating in writing!

Oh well, back to Thanksgiving for now.  I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you are able to spend the day with friends and family.  Even if it isn’t a holiday celebrated in your country, I wish you an awesome day anyway.

We’ve had a debate at work today about the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.  I’ve heard a lot of Mac n Cheese, and mashed potatoes and have to admit those have never been on our menu.  We’ve done a lot of vegetable casseroles like corn, sweet potato or green bean.  This year we’re going to be doing some roasted vegetables.  So help me out here, what do you consider the perfect side dish for Thanksgiving?