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Happy Birthday to Me…

My birthday rolled around the way it always does and it was pretty awesome.  I thought my husband and I would do the dinner and movie thing.  But my family had other plans.  After moaning and apologizing for not being able to come into town for my birthday, my daughter walks in the door that afternoon.  What a great surprise!  But that wasn’t enough.  The whole family showed up as well and cooking a wonderful dinner.  The best way to spend a birthday.

CraftsyCaptureAnd today, this shows up in my email…

How totally awesome is that?!  Thank you, Craftsy!  You know how to make a girl feel special.

If you’ve spent any time at all on this blog, you know I’m a huge Craftsy fan.  The biggest problem I had was choosing only one class!

I’m currently taking Suzy Furrer’s, Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper, and have Kathleen Cheetham’s, Adjust the Bust and have enjoyed them both for different reasons.  Suzy Furrer’s classes are focused on creating custom patterns using actual measurements, while Kathleen Cheetham’s classes are focused on adjusting patterns to create a better fit.

I’ve had my eye on two classes by both of them:

In the end, I just couldn’t decide… so I flipped a coin!  The Skirt Sloper won.  But honestly, the other class will make its way into my cart sooner or later.   It’s just a matter of time.

Craftsy, if you’re listening, a men’s tailoring class would be fantastic!   Video instruction for men’s tailoring is pretty tough to find.  I’ve found quite a few good texts on the subject, but it isn’t the same as watching the techniques being performed.

For now, I have plenty to keep me busy…and happy!  Craftsy, thanks so much!  Just another reason to love you.  ;-)


Quilts for the South

I saw this post on Bonnie Hunter’s site, Quiltville’s Quips and Snips, and wanted to share with my quilty friends.  This is a call for quilts to be distributed to those affected by the recent tornadoes.  Please see the link for more information.

I’m thinking through my WIP’s to think what I can finish and add to the effort.  Hope you can join me. 

Craftsy Sale Extended

Anyone who has followed me at all, knows how much I love Craftsy classes.  The do an awesome job and have a wonderful platform.  Right now they’re having a huge sale.  It’s not going to last much longer.  Go check them out if online learning is your thing.  They have some amazing teachers!


Quilty Bucket List

Stacey at The Tilted Quilt put together a Quilty Bucket List Blog hop.  

It’s a fun and easy blog hop that is just a wish list.  We aren’t required to make these in a time frame and there’s no due date.  Great for me right now.  

I found it interesting to think about what might be on my to do list.  One thing that occurred to me during this process is that the fabrics and the colors are a huge influence in my favorites, as much or more than the patterns.  

Primary colors and jewel tones really draw my eye.  A few of the quilts below have been done in very traditional fabrics, bright modern patterns, solids and neutrals.  For me the patterns totally change with the fabrics.  

If I had a quilty bucket list (and, honestly, don’t we all?  It may only be in the back of our mind, but it’s there.), this would be it.

Dear Jane / Farmer’s Wife samplers:

Instead of using the Dear Jane or other pattern groups, I plan to use a selection of patterns from BlockBase and basically create my own sampler.  I’m loving the colors in this sampler.

Economy Block:

I have been drawn to the Economy Block quilt lately.

Triangle Quilt:

For a couple years now, I have wanted to make a triangle quilt.   I really would like to get some fabric together and make this happen.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Wholecloth Quilt:

Top on my list is a whole cloth quilt.  There are a couple ideas for this one.  I’ve played with a design here:


And I’ve also created a larger version of Tula Pink‘s owl from Full Moon Forrest.  I fell in love with Tula Pink when I found this line..and of course it was already out of print.  I would love to use this owl as a center piece of a whole cloth quilt.  I would have to figure out a border and filler that would compliment this sweet owl.

Owl, by Tula Pink. Click photo to see source post.


So there’s my quilty bucket list.   And we haven’t even talked about my sewing bucket list.  I really need more hours in the day!!

If you want some inspiration, you should check out the posts so far.    Start here at The Tilted Quilt and go from there.

Have fun,



Marfy Wishlist … :-D

Okay then!  Let’s see if this post works.  I’m pulling photos from Instagram and Pinterest and I will be interested to hear if the images are showing up for everyone.  PLEASE, if you aren’t seeing them, let me know (and let me know what browser you are viewing this in.)  Thanks so much!

So Marfy just released a few more patterns from their 2014 catalog.  It reminded me of the patterns on my wish list.  :-(  I may break down soon and place an order.  Just saying…

Want to see some of my favorites???   :-D   I knew you did!

Here goes ….

I love the simplicity of this next blouse.  Even busty, I think I may be able to get away with this style.  I may have to give it a try anyway.  Part of me says I can take a blouse that fits and create my own flounce.  Part of me says use the pattern that has been tried and tested.

Don’t you adore the next suit?  Maybe it’s just me.  And Marfy is really choosing colors and fabric patterns that just call my name this season.  Have you ever noticed the difference it makes when a pattern is shown in a fabric or color that speaks to you.  I have totally discounted good patterns until I’ve seen it made up  differently.  The power of the psyche!

The sleek lines in this jacket are awesome.  I’m constantly reminding myself that fitting a (way too) curvy figure causes disruptions in those nice lines.  Doesn’t stop me from wishing.

This has been on my wish list a while.  It just looks like a comfy, knock-around jacket, doesn’t it?

I Have Got To Have this next coat pattern.  I may need the plaid fabric as well.  Love, Love, Love it!

I’m looking for a pattern that is something like these two:

They appear to me to have kimono sleeves and an a-line silhouette.  (And the color of that teal(?) wool is absolutely awesome.  I’d love to find boiled wool in that particular shade.)  These next two Marfy may be candidates.  Modifications to the sleeve and/or collar may be needed.  What do you think?

I stop every time I look at this next coat and I have finally figured out it’s the fabric.  The fabric pattern and colors are fantastic.  I’m drawn to that blue and that oyster(?) color.  I definitely need to keep an eye out for something along those lines.

And just because….I want to try a pair of Marfy slacks.  Really like the lines of this next pair.

Honestly, I have a few more on my list, but I think that’s enough for today!  Meanwhile, I may need to finish the projects on my table instead of dreaming up new projects.  What do you think??

Question:  How do you control the number of projects you have going at any given time??  I need to find a better solution.

Hope you’re sewing something awesome and having a blast,




Jamie Jeans … 1st make

There is an online group called The Monthly Stitch which consists of a great group of seamstress.  It has been fun watching all the makes and participating in the chatter online.  February’s challenge is “Smarty Pants”.  I have a pair of slacks in the making I hope to finish for this challenge, but in the meantime, I have finally finished the Jamie Jeans.

When Named Clothing came out with their first patterns, I was taken with quite a few of their styles.  Particularly the Tyler blouse and the Jamie jeans.

Tyler Shirt and Jamie Jeans

I have made a muslin of the Tyler blouse, but I’m not happy yet.  I had to enlarge the pattern and make a FBA which changed the style of the blouse more than I wanted.  It is on my list to try again.

I decided to make the Jamie Jeans for my baby girl since she would be an easier fit.  The fit of the jeans was really good on her.  She has stocky thighs and rear end and some jeans look a little tight through the hips on her.  These really looked good and gave her a leaner look.  Unfortunately, I could not get photos of her modeling these jeans.

Instead, her older sister (Jamie, oddly enough) modeled them for me.


For the first make, I’m happy with the way these came together and pleased with the fit.  For Jamie (above), I might fit the leg a little closer.  The yoke also looked very flat on Jamie.  In these photos, it didn’t bother me.  In person, I thought it should be adapted to show more ‘V’ shape.

I used a method for the waistband taught by Kenneth King in his Craftsy class, Jean-ius.  The waistband is cut on the cross grain and steamed into a curve and set on the waistband.  This method didn’t work well with these jeans.  The waistband has too much room in it and stands up from the back.  The pattern calls for a curved waistband which I will use next time.

I also used what Kenneth King called the “Burrito Method” to install the waistband.  I wish I knew how to explain it because it gives a very neat look to the front edge.  Next time I will try to take photos to show.  He gave a great tip for matching the right and left side of the front waist band so the waistband is level.  There are a lot of wonderful nuggets of information in this class.  Kenneth King has a wonderful teaching style.

JamieJeanPocket2The pocket design was a doodle that Betsy had drawn a few years ago.  I didn’t like the way I attached the pocket and will do a neater, better job on my next pair.  I started with a single seam, didn’t like it and added a second line.  Definitely can be neater.

And then there’s the button!  I used the jean snap from  I ruined the first two trying to attach it.  I finally got one attached and it came off on the first wear!  Back to the drawing board on that one.  If I remember correctly, Angela Wolf talks through this process on her jeans class.  I will have to revisit that.

Whew!  I’m looking at this one as a muslin.  LOL!  Basically all of the issues here were my own techniques.  The pattern itself went together very well.  They were a good fit for all three of my girls.  The style is very flattering on them.

So that’s my jeans saga for the day.


Pattern:  Jamie Jeans by NamedCollection

Fabric:  Stretch denim from Hancock Fabrics

Notions:  Jeans snap and zipper from



What Weekend?!!!


I have really loved sewing garments lately.  Not that I have a lot to show for it!  But I have also really missed quilting.  This weekend, I played around with a few quilting projects.  I finished a camera strap and camera pouch (fits a point and shoot camera), made a scrap vomit block a la Katy Jones (see inspiration here), quilted my ‘B’ block from the Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet, and finally made up a scrappy bag perfect for my sewing tools.  All in all, a fun weekend.

This bag pattern is called Sew Together Bag and I’ve wanted to make it since I first found it.  Then I let it sit in my stash, of course!


I purchased this pattern when it was just released and what I love (besides the awesome design) is that every time it is updated, I’m notified to download the new version.  I don’t know if that’s a Craftsy thing or a Sew Demented thing.  (That’s the pattern designer by the way.  Don’t you love the name!?)

There have been some great versions showing up on the internet.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Crazy Mom Quilts

Crazy Mom Quilts

s.o.t.a.k : Used for English paper piecing. Love it.

I’m really glad I finally took the plunge and got this done.   Mine is totally scrappy and I’m glad about that.  I can now see what goes where and will be able to plan fabric placement next time around.  I started this Sunday morning before Sunday School.  After church we had our two young grandsons till almost 4:00 and then I got back on the bag.  Finished it that night about 8:00.  Not bad, I don’t think.  Now that I can ‘see’ the placement, it will go much quicker next time.

The pattern site on Craftsy lists the fabric and notions needed for the pattern, but somehow that got left out of the main pattern.  Since I was going scrappy, that wasn’t an issue for me except for the zipper sizes.  I read through the pattern to find those, so it wasn’t a major problem.  I’ve noticed that the author of this pattern has revised this a couple times and has tried to address previous makers’ comments.  It’s a very nice looking pattern and I enjoyed working with it.

The bag appears much like a pencil pouch and I was surprised how roomy this pouch is.  It’s great for a rotary cutter, scissors, a couple small rulers, and various other sewing tools.  I think I’m going to LOVE this bag!.

Our modern quilt guild, NELA (Northeast Louisiana) MQG, is holding a retreat on the last weekend of March and I had decided I needed this bag for that.  So glad I got it done.

Now to finish that Aeroplane bag that is in mid construction!!  My Bernina needs something to ride in.

Since I felt guilty for my unfinished slacks and jacket, I got up this morning and worked a bit on my slacks.  Should finish those this week.

Hope you’re working on something fun!


Linking up with Le Challenge.   The theme is Order.  You should see some of the wonderful projects that have been linked.  Post can be found here.


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