Dick and Jane almost finished …

This has been a busy weekend.  Too busy for one post.

Friday, I drove 90 miles (with a migraine!) to pick up a Singer 301 and this baby…

Singer Featherweight 221
Singer Featherweight 221

More on that in my next post.  (I’m so excited to have found her!)

I finished putting up insulation in an aluminum shed that I hope to convert to a sewing room.  (Has anyone done that?   and were you successful in controlling the damp??)


I kept my grandson most of the day Saturday :-D.


Some quilting detail on the back of the quilt.
Some quilting detail on the back of the quilt.

I FINALLY finished quilting my Dick and Jane that I stared so long ago.  You can actually see some of the original posts here and here.  Now for a label and the binding, and I’m DONE!  I will be glad to get this off my table.

Dick and Jane Quilt Back DetailThe interesting thing about this quilt for me is the difference in the quilting done at the start and at the end.  I can really see the improvement in my quilting.  I still have a lot of work to do mind you, but still, I’m proud to have finished it.  This is an 80″ x 80″ quilt.  She was something to handle, let me tell you.

And there is still so much that I haven’t gotten to!!

Why aren’t the weekends longer??



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