The Bag Bostonian

While at QuiltCon in February, I saw the pattern for the Bag Bostonian by Jeeum Quilts.   The Sewing Party had made a couple demos in Enchino Linen that looked fantastic.

BagBostonian.DoneI’ve finally made the bag.  This is actually my test version.  I have some Enchino Linen that I’m really thinking about using for another, but wanted to be sure I didn’t have any issues before cutting into it.

In this version, I’ve used an upholstery weight fabric lined and trimmed with 100% cotton fabric from the Parisville line by Tula Pink.  I chose not to interface because I thought the weight of the main fabric backed with batting and lining would give the bag plenty of body.  I would definitely rethink that if I were to start over.  It has the feel of a carpet bag and I would like more body that would encourage the bag to stand up.

Jeeum Quilts is Korean I believe, and I get the sense this has been translated into English (rather than originally written in English.)  There are a couple spots in the instructions that aren’t totally clear.  On the most part, I could reason through.  One major problem I had was on the side binding.  The pattern was not clear on the size binding to use and the application instructions were not clear.  I ended up making up my own.  I used the same size binding as on the top edge of the bag and laid it over the raw edge of the seam allowance.  I threaded the hook onto the binding strip end that extends past the top and attached that end to the inside lining.

I also found Elizabeth’s blog post that talked about taking a class for this bag.  Seeing what they had done on that side seam helped a lot in deciding how to tackle that.  Elizabeth was gracious enough to share with me how she applied the binding on her purse.

The trim strips are only as long as the sides, plus about 5 inches, to take them along the seam, then over the top of the zipper and down the inside a bit–maybe 16″ that is visible with another 3″ sewn into the boxed corner–maybe 19-20″ in total in length, and about 1 1/2″ in width? They are not bias, but instead cut on the straight of grain.
The seam is sewn with the lining sides together, so all the raw edged seam allowances end up on the outside of the bag.  I have a photo on my blog, and if you look carefully at the middle of the three photos, where I’m talking about the side strip, you can see the seam allowances.  Basically you pin the strip down, top stitch it into place on both sides in order to cover the raw edges of the side seam.  (Elizabeth of Occasional Piece)
Below are a few shots of the bag that may give you an indication of the construction.

BagBostonian Collage

BagBostonian4Other than that, the bag went together really well.  I can definitely see me making more in the future.  I didn’t put pockets inside as I normally do.  I plan to make some small zipper bags to keep things separated in this bag.

Are you wondering what size this bag is??  Take a look at what I had inside the bag to make it stand up for photos.  These Harry Potter books are pretty darn thick.   I think it’s safe to say the bag is pretty roomy!

The bag bottom and handles were made from leather I picked up at Tandy for a bag class by Don Morin.  I still haven’t made a bag from that Craftsy class!   Still on my to do list though.  I did use some of his tips in this bag though.  The handles are made with many of the tips Don taught.

This is one of my projects this Labor Day weekend.  I have been so busy and still have so much to do.

So, did you sew this weekend or hang out with family and friends?  Either way, I hope you are blessed.

8 thoughts on “The Bag Bostonian

    1. Thank you, Green. I am proud to have finally gotten it Done! LOL And for a ‘tester’ I do admit, I love the final product. It will definitely get some use.

      Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  1. Woohoo! This looks great!

    I think you solved the mystery of those side trim pieces quite well, as the whole bag looks terrific. I was also surprised at how big the bag was in practice, and this, after I’d seen it in person (congnitive disjunction that day). I do use it on days when I want to carry my iPad with me, along with a notebook (faculty meetings?) but I think I could fit my lunch in there as well.

    Your handle placement looks good. You do have to have them high enough to avoid messing up your pockets on the inside. Did they tell you where to place them in the pattern? A lot of those pictures on the blog are from the samples in the store, so hopefully they’ll help you.


    1. Pockets!?? Are you kidding? LOL
      The pattern didn’t even mention pockets. My pattern cover didn’t even look like yours. There was a general lack of specifics, like zipper size and handle placement, etc.

      I’ve sewn long enough that I didn’t feel intimidated, but I would have done those sides differently if I hadn’t seen your blog. So glad I found it! Definitely like this way better than what I imagined the pattern was telling me to do. 😀

      When I remake this in the fabrics I bought for this, I will draft my own pockets. I know I’ve already said it, but thanks so much for your help!

  2. Your Bag Bostonian turned out great. I picked up the kit in September at the San Diego Quilt Show and just started working on this this weekend (1st really rainy weekend in San Diego this year) and got stuck on the side binding. Ironic that the Bag Bostonian class was at Sewing Party this weekend and had I known I would get stuck on the side-binding I would have gone to the class. Your pictures help make a little more sense out of the incomplete and vague instructions so I’ll give it another go tomorrow. As for pockets on the inside – I was also thinking about how to added them in the next version.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melanie.

      I was rereading that Bostonian Bag post and realized I didn’t add the instructions I received from Elizabeth. I’ve added those to that post if you want another idea on inserting that binding. She gave a much more detailed instruction than I did.

      Good luck on your bag. I really enjoy mine. I’d love to see yours when your done. If you blog or post on social media and don’t mind sharing, let me know where to look.

      Have fun!

      1. Hi Ramona – 3 months later and I have finally had time to complete the bag 🙂 The additional information you added from Elizabeth’s posts and your notes was very helpful and overall I am pleased with the outcome. If I make this bag again I will use a batting with more body, like Annie’s Soft and Stable. Of course pockets will need to be added too! I did include several embroidery designs from Urban Threads Parisian Love Letter set – with the airplanes as part of the fabric, adding the Par Avion embroidery designs gave the bag a certain savoir fare. I don’t blog or post, but would enjoy sending you a few pix of the finished bag. Thank you for the help. Melanie

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